Friday, 16 January 2015

Pangong Lake

The last three of Scott's photo's, taken by the side of Pangong Lake. Pangong is probably the most remote and achingly beautiful place I've ever had the privilege to visit, and a fitting place to end the trek. I've uploaded photos of the lake previously, so check out prior posts for those images. 

These photos mean just as much, if not more, as they show the celebrations of a group of people who came together as friends or acquaintances on a project, and left after an amazing experience with bonds that run deep.

Scott Woodward, thank you for making these fantastic images. I know that the people who have seen them so far have enjoyed them very much. Hopefully they will get the bigger platform they deserve.

So now we wait for the release of the films. The Johnnie Walker team tell me they will go live some time in March. Its been a long time coming and frustrating wait. You'll soon get to see the incredible work of Mike Rogers, Meghan Shea, Deepak Chaturvedi and team. Its worth the wait. I promise!

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