Friday, 16 January 2015

Day 6 - the last day of the trek

A short, easy trek out of the valley to join the vehicles waiting to take us on the 8 hour journey to our post trek R&R by Pangong Lake on the border with Tibet. 

Alan and Rigzin went ahead and suspended prayer flags over the road to form our surprise finish line, and the start of our celebrations. 

I held it together for a little while, even as Greg and I thanked Alan, with his great big heart, for all he'd done. 

And then, as I walked away towards the cars, I was hit by a train of 3 years of accumulated emotion, by the realisation of how hard I'd worked and who I'd become, and by a sense of enormous gratitude for my good fortune. 

It was a huge moment for me, and it was great to be surrounded by those who had made it all happen. Greg, Angie, Viv, Alan, Rigzin, Mike, Scott, Deepak, Priyanka - thanks guys!

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